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Proof of Blog


Time to write again

Once upon a time, but not that long ago, I often wrote blog posts. They ranged from technical posts showcasing how to do somewhat useful things in JavaScript to general career advice and general musings. You can find a lot of my older posts on my page.

I decided to start fresh, recently began a new job, and revived my interest in the frontend world and building my mini projects/products. One of the best ways to showcase these things is to create content around them. I decided that blogging will be one of the content mediums I want to commit to in 2023.


So why do this? Why completely disregard my old content and start from scratch? The older content helped me at the start of my career - when I was trying to break into my first job as a frontend engineer and move over to Developer Relations. Now I'm building content as someone who has been in the space for a while and is leading Developer Relations at an incredible team; shout out to Biconomy!

I want to record my thoughts and learnings and capture this specific part of my career through blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other forms of content. But we have to start somewhere, so a personal blog is where it begins, as the folks from Buildspace like to say: GTFOLH. I grabbed a template, added my changes, and started writing this post to get this shipped.

What's coming up?

This week I've been working on onboarding onto my role at Biconomy and meeting my new co-workers, learning, and absorbing all the details I need to know to succeed here. It's essential to make sure you take the time to get to know your team, the culture, and how everyone works together when starting something new, so I'm being intentional about that here. I'm working on two awesome gasless demos - one I'll be showcasing for a workshop before Eth Denver and one about yoloing a free gasless NFT collection out into the world. Maybe it'll mint out, and I'll make a ton of money off the secondary sales; who knows?

I want to help more builders get to the next level this year, more builders put their ideas into the real world, and more builders get their hands dirty and experiment. One of the best ways to do that is to lead by example, so I'll be building along with you all. In future blog posts, you'll read about some side projects I'm working on!